Stepping Stone Heritage Farm ....Free with purchase of Angel?

For more than two decades we searched for the perfect location. We wanted a stream that was reliable year round, a place that was not contaminated by ‘modern’ agricultural practices and a place that felt like home. After years of searching we finally found a property that felt just right. The journey was both twisted and convoluted. Eventually we came to call it our own.

It offers tranquility and peace that make it a place that will always feel like home.

Stepping Stone is an outstanding property with many unique attributes. It is located in Canada, in Nova Scotia's Annapolis Valley on the edge of the small village of Waterville and lies between the #1 and #101 highways with the Cornwallis River forming part of its’ border. The village insulates the Farm on one boundary while mainly municipal holdings nearly surround it. It is only 3 minutes from the Waterville Municipal Airport or the Michelin Plant. It is a virtual oasis of organic integrity with only two bordering holdings challenging that reality. Even then these properties are down wind, leaving a virtual island of eco-security. While the land is not a ‘perfect 10’ it is unique. The sandy soil is reliable and full of potential.

It was love at first sight. A commune had held it for a few years and had done nothing to challenge its organic integrity…so when we took it over it was simply a matter of picking up where it had been abandoned.

There are walks in the country where there is a thin but meaningful layer of insulation from everyday reality. Walk the fence lines, watch for birds and assorted wildlife. See the majestic and primitive blue heron that has returned each spring…the odd marauding raccoon or fox or mink or... Exercise in the old orchard that is somewhat past its’ ‘best before’ date. Take a canoe out on the Cornwallis in the spring and wind silently down river; see the ducks and the otter and the bald eagle searching for his next meal of field mice. Killdeer on the river bank and muskrat raising a new litter…

Sometimes trout will entertain from the bridge just above the swimming hole; watch a beaver make its way beneath the bridge on its journey upstream to parts unknown. This farm makes memories every day.

New born calf or lamb or a proud family of pheasants traveling across the driveway on a daily excursion to the rivers edge; its all here…

Venture further and go to the woodlot on the other side of the Cornwallis River…it’s not a long hike. The sense of escaping is even greater there. It can be a walk or a solitary cross country ski outing in the white of winter….let the dogs run….this will be the only home they ever need to know…Yes there are cats…they come and go and they add a balance to life on the farm that needs to be…

The barns are substantial enough for a variety of pursuits. They are good and plain as one might expect and are practical and versatile enough to entertain most projected needs, albeit change may demand some renewed sweat and muscle.

The wood and oil furnace is housed in a free standing building across the drive from the main house and behind the cottage. Locating the fill pipe for this unique heating system has mystified more than one oil delivery driver.It heats both structures via underground hot water heating. The wood heat always seems warmer. It is a state of mind some would say.

There is a butterfly garden that can grow from the experience of 'greening' a new thumb, a sunken garden paved with the bricks of old farm chimneys, raspberries, blueberries, and rhubarb… enough for family and friends.

An Atlantic Salmon planked in front of the walled fire pit makes my mouth water, just at the thought. A BBQ on the enclosed deck fills the country air perhaps drowning out the delight of freshly blooming lilacs in the spring. Early spring offers the opportunity to tap 3 large sugar maples…an opportunity to share the joys of farm life with an inquisitive family.

This property is a hidden jewel in the spring and summer, hiding from a world that is so very close yet seems so very far away. The green of those seasons work their wonders and into the fall with the autumn array of color also acting as a canopy up the long driveway…like a highway to a special piece of heaven…

The ‘Cottage’ is simple and intimate. The warm floors are very inviting and the feel is one of simple hominess. In the sun of summer there is a wee garden area that hosts a few flowers. In the snow of winter there is a special cozy feeling found within.

This large Farm Home is open and interesting with an ample kitchen and eating area; superior appliances compliment every day needs and special occasions. The raised dishwasher even helps alleviate extra bending and even random breakage. A special treat is the private telephone booth 902-538-HOME; you’ll need to see this first hand.

A large living and dining area are open to the country kitchen and on occasion have been reconfigured to house 50 plus people for a sit down meal. Wood floors and an antique staircase compliment the room. There is a big bay window to the north with views of the meadow and mountain. The front entry leads to a covered veranda that draws a cool breeze on the warmest of summer evenings.

A south facing sun room with its own entry from the veranda has a large walk in closet and a delightful wood floor. It has its own heat zone so it can be an intimate meeting place on the coldest winter nights.

Off the kitchen area are found a bath with shower and an office come play room with high speed and the story of the ‘gingerbread man’ hand painted for all to see.

The upstairs is divided into a rear master suite area with full bath and laundry area. The room spans the whole east end of the home. A private stairway leads to the kitchen area; a laundry area is situated at the top of the stairs. A hall doorway privatizes the master suite. A king size bed along with comfortable wing chairs and a generous bedroom suite still leave a feeling of spaciousness.

The ‘lilac suite’ on the south side is complimented by a full bath and a bay window overlooking the lilacs in spring. On the northwest corner is the two room ‘sage suite’ with a 3 piece shower en suite; there are privacy doors between the 2 rooms creating 2 independent rooms when required. This suite overlooks the meadow lawns and garden areas below. Each bedroom will easily house a queen size bed. Except for the bathrooms and laundry areas, all the floors on this level are wood. The front stairway is bright and inviting.

The artist in you may determine that the picture is complete or it may critique that it will always will be a ‘work in progress’. No matter, each of us will have our own priorities. It deserves to be loved and appreciated for all its unique attributes. In a world that celebrates new and unique challenges every day Stepping Stone offers an island of tranquility. Give it the love it needs and it will return the favor many times over with new life and fresh, healthy harvests until it is passed on to the next generation of caretakers.


Anonymous said...

Wow - looks and sounds wonderful!
How are the summers up there? Would a Handy Man be required full time?
Does angel have a last name and is she friendly with 8 year old?

Anonymous said...

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I found your blog on kijiji! You're doing some fantastic work to sell your donkey :-)

I wish I could buy it from you guys. That much land out here near Cochrane would cost over 2 million!!!! Maybe I should move out east. Could I ride my motorcycle year round? I know the Cabot Trail is close to there!

It's my dream to own an acreage like that. Maybe someday....

cy said...

need to win that 649! love this website, took me an hour to find it again. Is property still on market??

makati condo said...

I just discovered your blog and I find it incredible. I was impressed also. Big thanks for sharing.

Charles A

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